Tweak it till you Make it: The Winner's Secret

Nurses have an impressive accuracy record: On average, they commit approximately 1 error per 1,000 medications administered. Still, given the huge volume of medications delivered at Kaiser South, that error rate led to about 250 errors annually, and a single error can be harmful or even deadly. But a woman named Richards changed the whole story with a small TWAEK. During the six-month trial period, errors dropped 47 percent from the six months prior to the study. "It took our breath away," said Richards.

This is an anecdote from Switch. I will explain how she created such a drastic change all alone.


Dieters who swear by his prime directive: Shrink your dinnerware.

Use smaller plates and bowls. Do you know why? When you use a large plate or bowl to eat you feel obliged to fill the whole plate and it is strange to not eat everything on your plate. As a result, you eat a lot. So shrinking your dinnerware drastically reduces the amount of food you eat.


One Saturday in 2000, some unsuspecting moviegoers showed up at a suburban theater in Chicago to catch a 1:05 p.m. matinee of Mel Gibson's action flick Payback. They were handed a soft drink and a free bucket of popcorn and were asked to stick around after the movie to answer a few questions about the concession stand. These movie fans were unwitting participants in a study of irrational eating behavior. The fans were provided with two kinds of popcorn buckets with popcorn,one medium-sized while one was bucket-sized.

The sneaky researchers weighed the buckets before and after the movie, so they were able to measure precisely how much popcorn each person ate. The results were stunning: People with the large buckets ate 53 percent more popcorn than people with the medium size. That's the equivalent of 1 73 more calories and approximately 21 extra hand-dips into the bucket.//from the book Switch


Basically all of this explicitly depicts how small changes in the environment can substitute a lot of things in your too can tweak it to make it.

1)If you want to hold meetings that are up to the point and end fast make all the members stand during the meeting. Believe me, it will not take more than 5 minutes for it to end.

2)To eat less buy smaller dishes. As I earlier told you. This diminishes the chance that you will consume more.

3)To go to the gym regularly, put your gym ware aside your bed before sleeping. Maybe even arrange a gym buddy to pick you up at the right time.

4)Want to neglect looking at the phone while driving?. Keep the phone in silent mode and put it in a bag (If in a car at the back seat.)

5)Do you want to quit smoking? This can assist in the dedication process. Eliminate all things in your house that reminds you of smoking, every small thing, and check it pout you will feel less prone to smoke.(changing your whole house is a better costlier idea.)This doesn't make you cease smoking completely.

6)Companies such as Rackspace used to have call queues which were seldom attended leaving wretched customers. Once an enthusiastic leader eliminated call queues and directed customer service sales towered!

7)Industries with dangerous machines keep their switches away from perilous parts to avoid danger.


The key to success is not making a massive change overnight. It is to gradually transform yourself and your surroundings. Which is why tweaking is a good idea. Tweak it till you make it!

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