Let me be honest. As a bio student, I have to see hell sometimes to study the portions I have that semester. I have always wondered how those guys with big glasses (called NERDS) get great grades. Believe me, It's not at all hard. I watched A video of a class by Marty Lamdell(study less study smart) in which he broke down the whole idea of studying efficiently without burning the midnight oil. An average person has a focus of fundamentally 20 minutes. Which means when you read a chapter and after 20 to 35 minutes BOOM you feel bored."Oh god, I hate this chapter."How do you deal with this? Here's how. If studying for 6 hours was your goal don't study 6 hours straight.

Study until you lose focus. Then do something you like for 5 minutes. (listening to a song, drawing, socializing). Then study again till you expend focus. This would let you study effectively.

Another way to study consecutively is by changing the environment. A popular study unveiled that students who studied in their living room or any other room other than the kitchen or bedroom received a 92% increase in their scores.

Don't have a specific room to study? Then use the study lamp method. Purchase or get a lamp you only light while you study. Probabilities are you will study more focused.

Another hurdle students face is grasping concepts. A lot of them byheart. If that's okay with you you continue or else? Which is easier to memorize-y,u,r,s,t,h,d,a or t,h,u,r,s,d,a,y?Giving sense to facts make it more straightforward to remember. You can also use mnemonics. (65%+)

Then practice SQ3R,i.e, Survey, question, recite, read, revise. (Expect 75% increase in your output)

If you can teach someone or if your grandma isn't so much wild about cardiac amyotrophy teach something like a chair that would strengthen your concepts.

So next time we meet grant me an A+!

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