How to get SH*T done.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I know right? Sometimes you know you have to do it but you never do.

It is not necessarily tasks like climbing the Everest or reading 100 looks a day.

Small tasks like writing a journal or meditating for 5 minutes or even watering your plants or feeding the dog or cleaning up your table or......OK FINE YOU GOT IT THEN.then why the heck don't you do it? That's what I am gonna talk about.

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Remember the golden words from THE ROCK (the bald one )"We do things today that they won't so we can do the things tomorrow that they can't do "...err..something like that.


OK, now to the topic. Why don't people do shit?

1.It's so easy that you DON'T DO IT.

You are not alone. Sometimes even picking up a sock lying in the corner of a room might seem daunting. Around 90% of people do experience these kinds of situations.

Easy tasks can e classified into two. 1.They are not urgent nor significant. 2 Significant but not urgent. proper scheduling can give you salvation. Keep the 5-minute rule in handy. Do the task appalling you for 5 minutes. believe me, you will do it for more time. PROOF? This blog is.

2IT's Boring

Sometimes things are boring. Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. It can be accounting and paperwork. According to Warren Buffet "We don't have to be smarter than the rest we have to be more disciplined than the rest. "

Such tasks can be done by the art of delegation. Delegate stuff that is important ut not worth your time. Hire a maid or get a professional typist or something or AUTOMATE!


I get it, dude. Some stuff does look hard. But what if something goes wrong you ask?

FYI Life goes wrong even if you don't do anything.

It is not what you do in the comfort zones that make you. But the hard times that build you. PLAN IT AND DO IT. Sharpen the axe and cut the tree.

A rejection can pave the way to a confident you. A loss in business can e your most important life lesson.


Some other points that will be handy for sure.

  1. You know what to do, so do what you know. ...

  2. No one feels like it. ...

  3. Block it in your calendar. ...

  4. Don't just have ideas: do something about them. ...

  5. Get into the state. ...

  6. Clear your desk. ...

  7. Don't wait for inspiration, get to work. ...

  8. Overthinking will cripple you

  9. ADIOS! Subscribe for more honest articles. I won't spam you pinky promise.

ADIOS! Subscribe for more honest articles. I won't spam you pinky promise.

I won't spam you pinky promise.

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