How a Chaiwala is better than a CEO.

Updated: May 8, 2020

Did you know that the chaiwala who gives you tea while you go jogging or the newspaper boy who delivers newspapers and the VadaPav seller contributes more to Indias GDP than all those white-collar jobs you see out there? Now you do. And one more point unorganized sector of India is well versed in all the MBA lessons a professional learn in 3 to 5 years.

Unorganized India employs 82% of the country's workforce.

The VadaPav seller(any other Unorganised sector worker.) contributes more to Indias GDP than all those white-collar jobs you see out there will explain how this works in the following paragraphs.

The predominance of informal employment has been one of the central features of the labor market scenario in India. While the sector contributes around half of the GDP of the county, its dominance in the employment front is such that more than 90% of the total workforce has been engaged in the informal economy. As per the latest estimation of a Sub-committee of the National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector (NCEUS), the contribution of the unorganized sector to GDP is about 50% (NCEUS 2008).//vikaspedia


See this guy. He sells flowers. He can offer a discount to you under a 30% margin. If he likes your face maybe even 40%.If the flower was mass bought for 7 then he sells for 15. 40% percent discount means 9 rupees.2 rupees profit made BOOM.

What about the retail store you go to? Do you know that to make a mere 10% percent discount requires a minimum 3 months to be allowed?

2)Seasonal Change vs Diurnal change

A giant company like Starbucks requires 7 years to change its basic product type. Whereas a small tea shop owner can do this within a matter of hours! In fact, they change their entire business model 12 times a year! AGILITY is the hero.


The unorganized sector boasts equality. There is no difference between man, woman, child, Transgender, Handicapped, Young, Old, and Blah blah blah. Whereas the those jobs under the AC can hardly speak of such feats. Just think will a corporate company be willing to take a handicapped woman in their field?.

4) Dynamicity

Imagine a tailors shop in the center if Bangalore. Thousands flock into those shops, especially during june.No guarantee is given to the tailor that a customer is going to visit the same shop (one in 200) again. The tailor has to manage to take the measurement of the client within that 30-second barrier and sell it just by looking at them! No corporate industry will dream of that!

Be kind enough to watch this awesome talk by Capt Raghu Raman.


There is a huge influx of undergraduates in the employment field. And the corporate industry will not feed all those guys and gals. It a necessity as a democratic country to recognize this potential the unorganized field holds and provide help. Do you know that the wealth in 90% of our country is inherited by a mere 5%This huge inequity can only be removed by helping the marginalized?ADIOS!

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