Corona :A New Chapter and Another Lesson

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As humans, we have been despicably ignorant and arrogant towards the question of our existence. The IUCN made "A Red Data Book", basically document holding the names of the unfortunate species we are going to wipe out within a few years.

But frankly ask yourself do you think human beings are such a special species? Duh, We are intelligent, right?. Nature asks: "So What? I can wipe you out with a protein blob with RNA smaller than the width of your hair!"Yep, I talking about our new friend in the virus world CORONA. Full Name-Novel COVID 19.

Little do we realize we are creatures of temperature and thanks to global warming, Trump and Kim, and a big list of filthy politicians who don't care anyway.Let me speak of the few lessons we learned with the advent of corona.

1) Ablofpwdca (A big list of filthy politicians who don't care anyway)

/maybe I'm kidding

The first and Obvious Observation we could make was the response of "leaders".What did they do? Trump sucks, at least that's what the Americans think.

According to BROOKINGS

"Pew asked its respondents to specify the kind of inaccuracy they found in the president’s public statement about COVID-19. Fifty-two percent, including 25% of Republicans, said that he was making the situation seem better than it really is, compared to just 8% who thought he was exaggerating the threat.

Mr. Trump has said that his role is to offer the people encouragement. But it seems that the people want a truth-teller, not a cheerleader."

Kim is ..uh...we still do not know. The local reports have no suggestion of disease maybe they are doing a good job.

According to The Conversation "The DPRK’s official stance is that North Korea is clear of infection. This, however, is beginning to look unlikely.

In early March, South Korea’s Daily NK news reported that as many as 200 North Korean soldiers had died from COVID-19 with a further 4,000 in quarantine.

While reporting of the coronavirus is controlled in North Korea, information on the global pandemic is not being suppressed in the country. However, there are no specific public discussions taking place on whether there is an outbreak in North Korea."

I didn't mention other guys if you think I need to mention someone tell me.

2) Differences do not matter?

/am I kidding? no, I am not

Sadhguru said, "Corona doesn't want to kill you."

Here comes a spiritual approach to corona which is not from Sadhguru. Corona was probably the most secular enemy the world confronted. It knew no Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Black, White, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender....whatever.It made a stay close to our families. It valued Love. But it had a bias, towards immune people.

Maybe why India being an economically mediocre and overcrowded country compared to dirty rich USA, had fewer spread rates. Americans preferred finger-licking good hamburgers while Indians ate traditional Chapathi with a too spicy curry. Americans ate superb pizzas while Indians ate disgusting Idlis. Next Time you call Indian food "too spicy" or "disgusting"

remember the immunity is granted.

Sorry, China I have no idea if eating snakes or bats give IgGs or IgMs.

3)We are temporary

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded within a sleep".


Shakespeare was right, is right, and will always be right. Corona once again reminded humanity of how fragile and temporary our presence is.

According to Google- Deaths were

1,79,725. worldwide (acc. to time of publishing)Global warming is expected to assist in increasing the number of the virus by melting polar ice caps recovering all ancient viruses, some of which eve caused the demise of dinosaurs. Stephen Hawking predicted the end of our species by 1000 more years and I think he saw this stuff coming.


Let's be frank, we all have had to be good boys in terms of taking care of the planet. And now it is taking a toll.COVID was just another disaster like the Amazon fire or japan mega-earthquake or Australia wildfire. Or It can be another lesson we learn . You reap what you sow, it's not the other way round. Adios! Namaste!.

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